Jungle Camps

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Jungle monsters all start at level 1 and start levelling up at 04:00
  • Jungle monsters cap out at level 7
  • Camps’ level will always be the current game time minute divided by two plus one rounded down. For example, if the game is at 4:05, all camps will be level (4 / 2) + 1 = 3.
  • Jungle monsters will attempt to attack the nearest target to them
  • If no targets are found within their aggro radius, the jungle/boss monster will walk back toward its spawn location and heal for 2.5% (1.25% if a mythic monster) of its health per second
  • If the jungle/boss monster reaches its spawn location and idles, it will heal for 10% (5% if a mythic creature) of its health per second
  • Jungle monsters take the same reduced damage from abilities as lane minions


Jungle Monsters and bosses no longer attack Scout Cams or Scout Traps



Monsters and Minions

  • First Level Up Time
    • 3:00 → 2:00
  • Level Up Rate
    • 90s → 120s



Now has warning timers on camp spawns

  • No longer scales off attacker net worth
  • Respawn Time
    • Bears
      • 45s → 50s
    • Treants
      • 50s → 60s
  • Now all have a fixed leash range
  • First Level Up Time
    • 2:15 → 3:00
  • Level Up Rate
    • 120s → 90s
  • Max Level
    • 12 → 7 (12 for bosses)


Increase treant heal duration (total heal amount unchanged)

  • 12s → 15s
  • Goal is to give opponents a slightly wider window to try to interfere with treant healing

Increase barrier treant barrier duration (total barrier amount unchanged)

  • 12s → 15s
  • Goal is to give players a slightly wider window to utilize the barrier if they don’t mind having the healing knocked off of them


Increase jungle tankiness

  • All jungle camp scaling health increased
  • All jungle camp base armor/shield increased
  • All jungle camp base damage decreased
  • Some jungle camp scaling damage adjusted
  • Goal is to make it harder for multiple heroes to burst down jungle camps as well as make jungle camps less fragile mid to late game

Jungle spawns earlier

  • 45s → 35s
  • Goal is to create meaningful choice between clearing minions or taking/helping jungle

Jungle Respawn

  • Normal Camps
    • 100 → 105
  • Guardian Camps
    • 120 → 125