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It was time to touch the talents, so we’ve made some tweaks with our brawl players in mind. These changes are mostly targeted towards buffing talents that were rarely used as well as adjusting some of the more oppressive ones. 



  • Bonus Stun Duration Decreased
    • 0.6s + 0.2s per level → 0.4s + 0.15s per level


  • Invincibility Duration Decreased
    • 4s + 2s per level → 3s + 1 per level


In conjunction with changes to the Blackclaw Rush speed boost and all boot items, we are buffing up Hero base movement speed to keep things crisp and let your skills take center stage.

3.4 → 3.8


(bugs/clean up) Heroes whose basic attacks were intended to be crystal damage no longer have base 10 WP.  That 10 extra damage has moved into the crystal damage of their basic attack. This affects:

  • Celeste
  • Malene
  • Lyra
  • Varya
  • Lorelai

(bugs) Fixed a bug where Lorelai’s empowered Water Wall (Ult) granted more barrier than intended