Vainglory Spreadsheets

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Vainglory Stats Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet contains:

  1. Heroes base stats at level 1, stats gained per level and stats at level 12 (Weapon Power, Armor, shield, move speed, atk speed etc.). All heroes have been classified through League of Legends class system, as Vainglory class system has been abandoned.
  2. Heroes BAT aspect
  3. Heroes Stats per Level Worth in Gold
  4. Heroes patch release
  5. Breaking Point analysis (damage required per each stack, total damage required, extra damage required by ranged heroes compared to meele etc.)
  6. Dragon’s Eye damage per stack
  7. stormcrown and stormguard banner per stack
  8. List of items base stats (all stats but the one in their passives, by example, bonesaw +30 Weapon Power and 30 ATK Speed, but not the armor shred).

We’ll release an update spreadsheet every new patch.

It’s also in plan to improve it, by adding all heroes skills and items passives.

The file is in .xlsx format, you can use software such as the free and open source Libreoffice to open it. Excel and Numbers will also work.

Latest version: 0.11
Up to: Vainglory 1B (4.13)

Vainglory Draft spreadsheet

This is the spreadsheet used by the analyst physiX_VG years ago to prepare the drafts for C9, a famous professional e-sport team. We recreated it from what we could see in her guides.
You can read more about how to use it here: