Vainglory Replays Packs

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Here you will find replay packs, archives containing the replay files of matches among high elo players.

Replay packs allow you to save a game in a few megabytes, and use the replay feature of Vainglory to watch the match, which is far better than a recorded video. It can be useful to content creator and/or for learning purposes. You can also see the game from the point of view of any of the 10 players in the match, differently from a recorded video which would force you to see the game from the point of view of whoever is recording.

Vainglory does not officially support watching old replays. The game only allows you to see a replay of the match you just played by clicking “replay” in the match result screen. You need an external Windows software to save and then watch a replay (still figuring out whether save and rewatch replays is possible on android too), on either Windows or Android version of the game.

A thank you to PopcornOne for developing this software.

Download here:

There are README files which explain you how to use the software, to save and watch a replay.

Download replay packs