Vainglory How To Use Usernames And Skins At The Same Time

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You need to have a second device.
You need to have 4.13 or 1A client, and another one with 1B. If you do not know what 1A and 1B are, read here in the downloads section:
You can not use iOS devices, unless you have jailbreak as you can not access your player.2.dat file.

How To

You need to have the same player.2.dat file in both devices (actually, only the uuid, but let’s go too much in details). This file can be found in:

Android – android/data/
iOS with Jailbreak – search for player.2.dat within a file manager app, or use the filza app, then click on “Apps Manager”, you will see a Vainglory icon. Click on it, and it will bring you to the Vainglory folder. Now go to Library/Application Support/com.superevilmegacorp.kindred to find the player.2.dat file.
PC – C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SEMC\Vainglory

Now all you have to do is change your username in 1B client. Then, open vainglory in both devices and go in queue on 1B – You must start the queue from the username client, not the one with skins \. The other device will automatically queue too. Accept in match found and quickly close the 1B client BEFORE draft appears. Now continue on 1A client. You will have an username, and you will be able to select skins.
If you want, AFTER you have select a skin, you are free to open the game again from 1B client and continue to play from there.

This method works due to a recent maintenance which removed some of the data stored in Vainglory’s database, which is why now, at least until draft, you can have multiple devices connected using the same account.

Worth nothing that you can use the same trick to snipe from PC with the elo system (PC does not have a client that supports usernames)
And even to change device as you play. Let’s say your battery is running out. Bring the second device with the same player.2.dat file, open Vainglory and continue the match from there!
Note: if you are playing on a different region, you will need a VPN to ensure your account is connected to the same region in both devices.
Let’s say both devices use the same player.2.dat. On one device you have a VPN to EU, on the other one to NA. You will not be able to continue the match from your second device until you change the VPN so that Vainglory is connected to EU server from that device too.

As you explore vainglory folders, take the chance to learn how to save the replay files of your game
These are files that allow you to have a back-up of your game (viewable through the “replay mode” of Vainglory) in just a few MBs!