Vainglory How To Change Server

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Last update: 2021/03/22

The server menu selection you find in game does not work. Ignore it, it will always say “NA”. Your region is written ABOVE the menu, in small characters.


Turn on a VPN connected to a country in the region/server you want to play (EU, NA, SEA, SA, EA). Open Vainglory. And done. That’s it. No reinstall or anything else.

I will leave the old guide in this page just in case these methods become relevant again.
There are 3 methods to change region


Method 1

Turn on VPN and open the game for the first time. 3 quick steps.

Step 1
Install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app to connect to a server in the region you want to play.
Example: if you want to play in Europe you need a VPN with servers to France, Germany or other EU countries. For North America connect to a server in United States or Canada, and so on.

Search in the store (or internet, for PC) for “vpn” and you will find many apps.

Step 2

Uninstall Vainglory, then reinstall it, but DO NOT OPEN IT.
On android, you can go to the folder android/data/, delete player.2.dat file, then turn on the VPN. This way you will not need to reinstall the game. You can connect your phone to a PC to so. This works on iOS too, but you will need jailbreak.
You can also use “clear data” feature on the android app settings, this will make you skip the download process, but you will still need to install.

On PC, you need to delete the file player.2.dat in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\SEMC\Vainglory
Note: you may need to do this manually even if you reinstall Vainglory.

Step 3

Turn on the VPN and open Vainglory.

The app determinate your region the 1st time you open it. That’s why you need to reinstall and turn vpn on before opening it.

Method 2

Login into an account registered on the server you want.

This method allows you to change region instantly, but only works if you use Vainglory client 4.13 or client 1A. The latest client on the app and play store, 1B does not work for this.
You can download older clients here (these clients also have skins and talents):

Login into an account registered in that region. Yes, you can do it in community edition stage 1B.
And yes, you can register an account even now if you do not already have one from the pre community edition era.

Simply click on the login button (not available on the latest client, that is why you need the older ones for this), write email and password, and hit login.
If that account was registered in South America server, you will now play in SA server and so on.
Many accounts created before community edition still work, but not all. We do not know why some accounts do not work.

How to create an account in the server I want so that I can use this method in the future?

Set your game to that server you want via method 1, using client 4.13 or 1A (4.13.1), and register an account.
While you will need to reinstall one time to create an account, in the future you will be able to change region by simply login.
You can also ask someone that is already in that server to make an account for you if they are on 4.13/1A clients.

Method 3

Use a player.2.dat file of that region.
Use method 1, and make a back-up of your player.2.dat file (it is explained in method 1 where to find it). When you want to go to hat region, copy paste that file in place of your current one, and you will change region.

Personally, I went in all regions once via method 1, and every time I saved my player.2.dat file.
Now if I want to go in EU, NA, SEA, EA or SA I do not use any VPN nor need to reinstall, I simply copy paste the player.2.dat file of the corresponding region!