Vainglory Community Edition 1B Coaching Session 5V5 Kensei Bot Lane WP by Kinra T10G

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Coach: Kinra Tier 10 Gold
Type: Match Analysis

Quick Guide to Kensei

First of all- you should be levelling up your B at level 2, this is so you can trade back effectively against the enemy laner. Kensei’s level 2 trade is pretty strong if you know how to trade properly since his barrier on perk can come in and negate some damage. Levelling your A twice isn’t such a bad idea but you really need the B to trade effectively and to disengage when needed, for example B to hop back and Empowered A gives you a good disengage tool.

Another thing in the early game before the 5 min mark, when you’re sitting on 600 gold you want to be picking up either one of these combinations to your current build, not as starting items.

Although generally you’d want to be going back once you have enough for a heavy steel since that’s the biggest early game power spike for any botlaner. You never want to be saving up gold in your pocket, it’s always best to buy something when you have gold at every recall.

=strongest early game power spike for a botlaner after first recall.

Around the 4 min mark that was good, you know about the double A -> B and empowered A combo. As well as the disengage with B and empowered A.

11 minute mark when you got caught out by the baptiste, you failed your B xD but that’s okay, it happens, pay attention to the direction your hero is facing since your B will hop you backwards opposite to the direction your hero is facing ^^ also empowered ultimate instead of empowered A better disengage option in that situation since it’ll stun them along the disengagement, giving you a cleaner escape-and then triple A dash to get away faster.

16 minute in when you were chasing the idris, using B when it’s not a guaranteed kill is not a good idea unless you have your A or ultimate to follow up for the empowered versions, otherwise using B like that will just make it harder for you since you’re putting distance between yourself and the enemy, which isn’t ideal for a melee, especially a warrior like kensei.

One helpful tip btw, learn to infuse at your power spikes- these include level spikes and/or item spikes. An example would be infusing at Level 8, when your A is overdriven, another example would be after you get Serpent Mask + Breaking Point/Bonesaw , whichever your 2nd item will be. It gives you that extra edge against the opponent and allows you to snowball easier and take more fights. However, I see you had issues in the early game with lag which resulted in you being behind in levels, so infusing in this game wasn’t going to benefit much.

You should infuse when you have:

OR whichever item you’re building 2nd. Infusing after 2 Weapon items is the power spike for kensei, since he will also be around when you’re level 8 or so , with your A overdriven.

Breaking Point 2nd is better for teamfights.

Bonesaw 2nd is better for objective taking and turrets.

The most common 3 item power spike for most bot laners, infusing after getting these 3 items is very strong and will allow you to take fights much more easily and/or push turrets and split push.

How you manage in teamfights

I see you’re using your A whenever you spot an enemy or whenever you are about to teamfight, think of kensei as a cp vox, his main components during a fight is his basic attacks and his B, his A is only used for dodging, kiting and chasing-his ultimate is used to burst or to help you disengage while you kite back. Kensei is a warrior/fighter, he wants to be using his basic attacks more than his abilities, so with kensei try to focus on basic attacks and using B whenever you need to finish off a target, need the empowered A to disengage or to help you chase an enemy down (in this case you want to use B on a minion so you don’t widen the gap between yourself and the enemy if you use your B on them) and if you need your empowered ultimate to stun an enemy hero for your team to focus and shut them down, or to stun multiple enemies whenever you spot the perfect opportunity if they’re bunched up or all lined up together. You can use your ultimate to engage a fight as well, just the basic ultimate without the empowerment and then just shred down a squishy target if you ult into the backline, since you’ll have your B and empowered A to disengage and flee from the backline. Take into consideration that in the early game and mid game when you don’t have much attack speed, using your A and basic attacks is good for maximising damage, late game however only your basic attacks are enough since you’ll have the high attack speed and using your A will slow your dps down. But.. you need to learn how to weave in basic attacks between each charge of A so you can do more damage.


I think your late game is fine, you understand the heroes’ abilities and how they work and you seem to know the build for him. You also seem to know that you should rotate when you hit level 6 and have your ultimate ready.

What needs work on:

  • Early game Trading
  • Early game itemisation
  • Holding onto abilities
  • Learning the power spikes and when to infuse
  • Positioning