Vainglory Guild Recruitment

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Come… come at us…


Send us a recruitment request

Do you want to join our guild? Send us a request through discord (please use the #recruitment channel and compile the given form in the pinned/first message of the server).
Note that this guild is active only in the EU and NA server.
As the in-game guild is open, anyone can join, however, you won’t be considered a real member until you complete the recruitment process and become a “guild officer”. If you join the guild in-game first, please join the discord server and do the recruitment process as usual.

The recruitment Process

Usually, we’ll play some casual games together before decide whether to accept or decline your request. This process may take a few days. It is highly recommended that you read our guild rules if you want to improve your chances to join.
If you are already in a different guild, you do not need to leave it. You can play with us and leave your guild only if your request is accepted!

We organize our members across different Everlasting Night guilds depending on their skill tiers.
This ensures that all members can meet guild mates of similar skill level. Play ranked with players above 1 skill tier from yours is not allowed. This include the use of smurf accounts. You are supposed to be learning, improve, and then rank up when you are good enough, not “get carried”.