Play Together

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Where can I meet people to play with?

You can search for a community in our List of Socials page.
If you play in Europe or North America, or you are willing to change region (you may have a noticeable lag, though – I still recommend you to give a try for Europe, as it is a very active region), you can join our community at discord:

We play mostly around 21 GMT to 2 GMT, but you can find people up at other times too, in particular 14 GMT to 17 GMT.

How to play together

Due to the removal of the party feature the only way to play together is “snipe”, essentially go in queue at the same time, so that the matchmaker puts everyone into the same match (you can’t decide who goes in which team though). To make snipe easier, SEMC invented a system to make the matchmaker put you and your friends in the same game.

Here is how it works

For full snipe party (6 people in 3V3 modes, 10 people in 5V5)

Write a number above 3000 before your username. By example, 3001_Nekreirypt, 3001_f1nalform, 3001_Oyarsa
(From Loquori) Make sure that the underscore and dash characters are the same characters as we have on US keyboards… so, if your language is set to something else, just be careful that it’s not using a language specific character.
Otherwise this will give you a temporary username.

Number_ will be considered as your elo by the matchmaker.
A very important thing to understand now: players with elo above 3000 can only be paired with other players with the exact same elo points.

3001 elo can ONLY play with other 3001 elo, not 3002, not 3003, not 3000 or 2999 etc.

So what you and your friends do is agree on a number above 3000 (3001, 3203, 3564 etc.) and then go in queue. You all will get into the same match.
If some of you don’t get into the same match, it means another snipe group may be using your same number. However, the chances of someone using your same number and going in queue at the exact same time are extremely low. It’s basically guaranteed to get everyone into the same game.

When you don’t have enough players

As we said before, elo above 3000 requires exact elo. Which means if you got 5 people and go in 3V3 with elo “3436”… well a match will never start. Because there is no one else at exactly 3436. Unless it just happens that another snipe group is going in queue at the same time with that same number… yeah, you are going to stay in queue all day.

So what to do about that?
You use elo BELOW 3000. Like 2999. Or 1. Or 1524.

When you do this, matchmaker will work normally. It will try to give you the most fair game possible, including players all the way from 1 elo to 3000. Obviously if your snipe group is using all the exact same elo, chances are the matchmaker will decide to put you all in the same game. Chances.

Let’s see a case as example now:

You and your friends are 5 players and set your elo to 1500_
Now the most fair match would be to have another 1500 player. However there is no one like this in queue, so the matchmaker decides to exclude 1 1500 player and include 2 1000 elo players, one per team.

1500, 1500, 1000 vs 1500, 1500, 1000.

Unfortunately, as you can see without full snipe party you are not guaranteed to get all your friends in the same game, but it’s just very likely.

For the same reason, it’s not a good idea if some write 1200 and others 2500. Everyone’s elo is so far apart it is unlikely that you will be matched together.

For soloQ players

Do not set your elo too high, or do not set one at all, use a classic username without number_.
While set an high number will give you better allies and opponents, likely you will stay in queue for a very long time and in the end you will play with lower tiers anyway.

What about PC players?

This is also true for older clients in general, not just the PC one, but there is no reason to use old clients and this method, as you can not use skins if you do so (and that is the only reason to use the old clients on Android and iOS to begin with).

As you can imagine, since this system requires you to change your username to change your elo, if you are using PC you can not use this method, because you are temporary something.

Here is a way to go around it. You will need an android phone or emulator (or iOS with jailbreak) and install Vainglory 1B (latest client on the store).

Connect your phone to your pc and go to


Here you will see a file called “player.2.dat”. Copy paste (do not cut, you need that exact same file on both your phone / emulator and your PC) that file on your PC in the following folder:


Now all you have to do is snipe with your friends on your Android device using the methods explained above. Once you are in draft or match loading, close the vainglory app and open the PC client, you will be in that same match. You will NOT be able to use skins and your username will stay whatever you set on your android device, not temporary something.

Essentially you use Android (or iOS with jailbreak) to snipe, but then you play the match on PC!

How to decide on what team each player goes

As stated before, snipe does not allow you to do that. However, potentially so long as your snipe group shares player.2.dat files once in draft you all can switch with each other’s file and go in the desired team.

Said file can not be obtained nor changed on iOS without jailbreak sadly. The folders where you can find these files on android or pc are written in the guide for PC players above.

I recommend to give each player all 10 files before going in queue. Put each file inside folders, named with the username of the player (nekreirypt folder, f1nalform folder, oyarsa folder, and each folder will include the player.2.dat of said player)
Then, once in draft, players that need to switch team will just take the file they need. If nekreirypt is supposed to be in team 2 and oyarsa in team 1, nekreirypt will go in oyarsa folder and copy paste the file to substitute his own, and oyarsa will do the same with Nekreirypt file.