Play Together

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Where can I meet people to play with?

You can search for a community in our List of Socials page.
If you play in Europe or North America, or you are willing to change region (you may have a noticeable lag, though – I still recommend you to give a try for Europe, as it is a very active region), you can join our community at discord:

We play mostly around 21 GMT to 2 GMT, but you can find people up at other times too, in particular 14 GMT to 17 GMT.

How to play together

Due to the removal of the party and friends features the only way to play together is to queue for the same game mode at the same time, and hope the matchmaker puts you all in the same match. This is called “snipe”.

Tips to snipe

Since there are a lot of abbreviations used in snipe channels, here is a quick guide to how to snipe, alongside various abbreviations you may find.

  1. If possible, have everyone join a voice chat . A text chat will work too, but it can cause some minor annoyances.
  2. Decide on a game mode to play (for 5V5, be sure to specify ranked or casual too)
  3. Ask if everyone is ready to play, click instantly on a game mode and go in queue. In text channels, this is usually written as “ready?” or “r?”
  4. If everyone is ready, they will usually answer with “ready” or “r”. Otherwise “wait”.
  5. Have someone countdown. When he finishes and says/writes “go”, “queue”, “q”, everyone needs to go in queue instantly.
  6. Whenever someone finds a match, he should write “Match Found”, “MF”, “Found”, “F”.
  7. The moment someone finds a match, anyone that did not find one at the same time should cancel the queue and write “Not Found” or “NF”
  8. If everyone finds the match, accept it. Most likely everyone got in the same match, so enjoy your game 🙂
  9. Otherwise, decline and say “reset” or “res”. Start back from step 3. Be sure everyone is ready to queue again (sometimes, someone is stuck in another match found), countdown and try another time.
  10. If everyone finds a match but someone else declines, say “keep” or “stay in queue”. Everyone will accept the match and stay in queue. This way you do not need another countdown.

Please, if you are already in a draft do not dodge the match. Declines are annoying enough for everyone. Just play the match.