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Eve Of Harvest and CP Buff

As many of you know, CP buff provides 10% crystal lifesteal, while Eve 15% lifesteal from vampirism (+25% crystal lifesteal from passive).

However, due to a bug, if you have Eve and then get cp buff, you will only have 10% lifesteal on CP damage, not 25%. You will NOT get the 15% vampirism from Eve.
I have been unable as of now to test if you also lose the +25% crystal lifesteal against heroes, I will update this post whenever I finish the test, so check again in a few days.

If you have cp buff, and then get eve, you will lifesteal 25% from cp damage regularly, so technically, you can take cp buff and then buy eve before the last fight to not miss out on the lifesteal. It’s very rare though, I guess we will see Eve usage drop.

It seems the cp buff does not give a +10% crystal lifesteal, but it simply “sets” your lifesteal to 10%, so if you have more than that, you just go back to 10%.

Video proof:

First, I have Eve and attack Treant, doing 85 damage. Since I have Eve, I’m lifestealing 13 damage, and this makes sense: 85 (my damage)*0.15 (my lifesteal)=12.75, which gets rounded to 13.
Then I get the crystal buff. The cp buff gives 15% bonus crystal damage and 10% crystal lifesteal.
So, my damage now is 85*1.15 (bonus CP damage)=97.75, which gets rounded to 98, what we see in game. I should heal 97.75*0.25 (15% lifesteal from Eve, + 10% from cp buff)=24.43

But look at how much I am healing. Just 10 HP! I am doing MORE damage, and I am supposed to have a bigger % lifesteal, and somehow I am life stealing less than before!

However, watch the magic now, all I do is sell Eve and buy it again. Nothing should have changed, yet… 98 damage, 24 healing!

Alternating Current and multiple projectiles

Alternating Current deals 50% of your crystal power every other basic attacks. However, if your hero deals multiple projectiles in a single attack, AC will trigger once per each projectile, every other basic attack.

By example, you will see Ishtar during the ultimate doing 4 damage numbers when she has alternating current (without counting the damage from the swords): 2 damage numbers are her basics attacks (because C makes her throw 2 projectiles instead of 1 on each basic attack), and 2 AC 50% damage.

Same for Silvernail, when the perk is up (which will make him do a “chain follow-up basic attack”) you will get 2 times AC effect. Just remember that AC triggers every other basic attack, so if your perk is up, but AC is not up (you can see the visual effect, the circles around your hero’s hands) you will waste the opportunity to trigger AC 2 times in 1 attack. Well, you can always use B to recharge the perk 😛

Video Proof:

As you can see, there are 4 damage numbers every other basic attack (when AC effect is up), two 52 damage (ishtar’s basic attack) and two 11 damage (alternating current damage triggered 2 times in 1 attack)

Also while we are at it, a reminder about AC: on heroes with Area Of Effect basic attacks, such as leo or lance basic attacks, AC will deal the damage to all targets you hit, not just the main one.

How Lyra’s perk slow works

Lyra’s has a slow that scales with HP (0.05% bonus max health) with her heavy attack.

You’d think once you hit 2000 bonus health you would have the max effect, 100% slow, and more HP would not change anything. Turns out, this is not the case.
Lyra’s slow is a decaying slow( just like the slow from the WP buff). Basically by the moment it’s applied the slow strength goes down, until 0%.
And this is the interesting part. Because if you have 3000 bonus HP, or 150% slow, the slow will still be stronger than 100%.
Why? Because if it goes down from 100% to 0 it’s weaker than from 150% to 0%.
I do not know how long Lyra’s slow lasts, nor how much strength the slow loses per second, but to explain the difference between 100% and 150 slow strength, let’s just say Lyra’s slow loses 10% of the total strength every 0.1s.
If you have 2000 bonus health, 100% slow, it will go down like this:
0.2s later: 80% slow
0.5s later: 50% slow
0.6s later: 40% slow
0.9s later: 10% slow
1s later: 0%.

But if you have 3000 bonus health, and 150% slow:
0.2s later: 120% slow
0.4s later: 90% slow
0.6s later: 60% slow
0.8s later: 30% slow
1s later: 0%

Video proof:

As you can see, I initially have 4 shiversteel and 2 blazing salvo, and the treant manages to come close to me and attack. However, when I upgrade the 2 blazing salvo to 2 extra shiversteel, the treant is clearly moving slower than before (I recommend play the video at lower playback speed if you want to see this clearly), and he dies before getting in range to attack me. I attacked the treant from the same distance in both cases, and between 2 extra shiversteel and 2 blazing salvo there is no difference in my damage or attack speed. All of this means that yes, Lyra slow will be stronger if you go above 100% slow strength, 2000 bonus HP.

As usual, we added everything to our bugs and hidden stats pages

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