Looking For Group Spreadsheet

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Use this spreadsheet to see each player’s skill tier, roles, and time he is able to play during the week. This way it’s easy to find the best teammates for you: people that play different roles from you, and usually can play at the same hours you do!
Example: It’s not a very good idea to play ranked with a player that main your same role, as only one of you two will perform at his best, while the other will under perform being forced to another role.

However, never forget that it takes time to build synergy. Play together for sometime. Discuss your strategies, share your opinions with your teammates. Improve and work together: this is a TEAM game.

Finally, sometimes each other’s personality may not have the right “chemistry” with one another. Unless you both are actually willing to try to get over it, just find someone else to play with. But don’t be toxic or rude, just explain that you think it won’t work.

Mention players in the looking for group channel in the discord server when you want to play (or even better: do it earlier so that you guys can organize the play session :))


Current version: 1.1
Last update: 26/02/2021