Install Vainglory 4.13 client on iOS 14, no jailbreak required

Reading Time: 3 minutes

A thank you to 煎饼果子XD for this!

Following this guide you will be able to use skins and talents on iOS by installing an older Vainglory client. You do not need jailbreak.

1B vs 4.13 comparison, so you can decide which version use:

1B (also called 4.13.2 or 4.13.3 for 1B with different logo)= No skins and talents* due to a bug, but you can change your Username, use emojis, all social pings, hats.
4.13 (4.13.1)= Skins, talents, temporary something username, no emojis, only default social pings, no hats. Login button, which can still be used to change region. You will still see party, marketing and other stuff, which of course do NOT work.

Note: for skins and talents on android or to download the pc client, and solutions to many technical problems (including downloading assets crash and unable to connect) go here:

If you need help, use the #technical channel in our discord server

Method 1


Windows or MAC pc.
iOS device compatible with Vainglory
A cable to connect iOS device and PC.

Download this software on your computer:
and the .ipa of Vainglory 4.13
The .ipa comes from reddit user vgskye.
Note: as usual, before download and installing anything from the internet do your own research and decide whether to trust the software.
I run an antivirus and everything was good, which is why I am making this guide, to begin with.
But as always the decision is yours.

Open the .exe.

You will see a big green button near the bottom, click on it

The software will begin the installation.

You will see another green button, click on it.

Uninstall Vainglory from your iOS device if you have it.

Connect your iPhone/iPad. You should see another screen showing cables
Click on 确定
This is the button on the right corner, near the other with checkbox.

This one:

Now click on the appstore icon on the left menu (NOT the one at the top of the software)

Drag and drop the vainglory .ipa file you downloaded previously in the list of apps that appears after you click on the store (the list is composed of apps you downloaded):

The app will begin to install.
Be sure to not disconnect the cable from your iOS device or computer.

Once it’s done (depending by your internet connect and device download and installation may take a while), you will see a Vainglory app on your device. Enjoy your skins and talents 🙂

Method 2 (by Whiar)

Download the .ipa of Vainglory on your iPhone or iPad
Install Testflight from the AppStore
Visit in Safari, then tap “TF GBox (Free)” and install Gbox by TF
Open GBox and tap files, click the download button in the right corner and select the .ipa of Vainglory