Vainglory Guild Rules

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Be a good boy 🙂

The guild main goals are to improve the game play of every member and have fun together in a peaceful environment!
The following rules are here to realize that:

  1. No bad behaviours inside and outside matches. The guild members and the community are expected to be very respectful and polite. Examples of bad behaviour include but are not limited to: racial, abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexual harassment, spam chat; trolling, dodge matches, ignoring other players requests to play, kick people from the party (explain them why and ask them nicely to leave if you want to play with different players).
    Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself, and if they are not being nice, do not be like them yourself.
  2. Other players may have different ideas by yours, and determinate which is the optimal strategy at certain moments might be hard, but if every member of the team moves on his own, things are only going to get a lot worse. While all players have their own and different ideas (for example, what hero to pick in draft, who should get the WP/CP buff early game, whether to try for the dragon or not etc.), be sure to be always respectful of other people opinions, and always share yours. Try to find an agreement, if there is time, vote by majority in chat, if not (which is the majority of the time, as you are often forced in doing split-second decisions) avoid moving on your own, even if you believe your idea is better than what the rest of the team is doing. If you are alone, likely you won’t make it anyway.
    Whatever happens, understand that each player has different experience and knowledge, don’t be mad at them for a different decision, even if it lead to lose. Everyone does errors, don’t be mad at them just because they were wrong this one time. If on average you’re better than the others, your win rate will still rise and you will rank up, which means, these same players who now have lost you the game for a bad decision, overall usually do good enough decision to be matched with you, and you do enough errors yourself to be matched with them (if for some reason you got players of a much lower tier than yours, that’s vainglory matchmaker fault, and not the player themselves, no point in fight each other in chat).
    2.1) Do not surrender as long as there is still 1 player not willing to do so . Be sure everyone agrees.
  3. Please report any player for bad behaviour with proof. If the player is a member of this guild, he may receive restrictions on his participation in this guild . We also need reports about players outside the guild to reduce the chances of allowing toxic players to join us. By know before hand a player bad behaviours, we can take a more strictly eye on the recruitment.
  4. There is no minimum fame requirement per week/month . But, if you’re inactive for relatives long periods, you might get be kicked. However, if you have been kicked for inactivity you will be able to rejoin whenever you find more time to play!
    After 10 days you’ll receive a DM on discord (it’s mandatory for members), if you don’t answer for 4 days, you’ll be kicked. If you can’t play at the moment, we’ll discuss in private what to do.
  5. Stay up to date with the guild and vainglory. You do not have to check the discord server continuously, but you should know what’s going on in the guild (possibly, check the discord server at least once every 5 days), and also about vainglory (always read all related to game-play portions of patch notes for example). The #news channel in the discord server will be updated as often as possible to give all members the info they should to know.
  6. Play ranked with players above 1 skill tier from yours is not allowed. Including the case of smurf accounts. If your account is T7 you are not allowed to play with a a player whose smurf account is T8 but main account is T10. You are supposed to be learning, improve, and then rank up when you are good enough, not “get carried”.
  7. Differently from other guilds, we do not ask necessarily for loyalty to the guild (meaning: to never leave it), but at least, to the guild ideals . Whether you are in or out of this guild, or have never been a part of, do not troll, nor be rude to others. Never forgive a game can be enjoyable whether you win or lose. Each game is a new chance to learn something improve your skills, and most important, to have fun with some friends or strangers. And even if you think the reasons you lost where outside of your control, and there was nothing you could’ve done better, toxicity can only make the time spent on the game worse for you and everyone else.

Non mandatory but very appreciated behaviour:

  1. Play talents-less and do not reroll your hero in modes where it is chosen randomly. Talents are P2W (as in, you can gain extra stats by paying), therefore they ruin the experience for everyone, it is not fun to play a game where you in disadvantage just because you did not buy the new combination of OP hero and talent. Games should be decided by skill, not how open your wallet is.
    At start it might be a worse experience, but overtime we might be able to make most of the player base play talent less, making a much better experience for the (now) talent game modes, and return these to their former glory.
    Also, ask in chat to your teammates to not use talents. By spreading this idea, we might do it faster!
    The same concepts applies to reroll in modes like ARAL.
    Blitz: Reloaded is a brawl talent-less mode. You might consider to play it if you want to play a brawl mode.
  2. Own all the heroes. The lack of a hero might put you and you entire team at disadvantage. Even if you do not know how to play a certain hero, that hero might be requested by a teammate to secure it and trade at the end of the draft. Please prioritize heroes over skin and anything else, and try to save every month sufficient glory to buy the latest hero released once it is available for glory (if you do not plan to buy it for ICE during the first week).