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Vaingory Coaching Community


We’re building a free Vainglory Coaching Community to help Vainglory players learn the game. Everyone is welcomed, to learn or teach other players!

In our discord server, you can ask for a coach or to become one. A coach will watch your games, identify any problem in your gameplay and suggest you how to fix it. This is done for free. Usually, your coach will ask you to record your games, then he will send you an analysis of your match. He can also play with/against you while explaining you things in voice chat.
More info at: http://everlastingnight.net/vainglory-coaching/

Articles & Guides
In our website you can find many guides and useful resources, including a meta overview and tier list, builds for all heroes, hidden stats, list of known bugs, spreadsheets, coaching sessions and many other things!
It’s highly recommended that you spend some time reading to better understand the game!

Informative Discord Channels
Our discord contains many useful channels, such as #vg-high-elo-only (for discussions among 10 Silver and above players), math (builds calculations, comparisons etc.), a well organized news section, questions-answers and many other things!

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/wuyaheVnDU

Discord Community

Our community is focused on improving the game play of every single member and have fun together in a peaceful environment.

We accept players of any skill level, as long as they are genuinely interested in play the game, improve, debate and share their view and strategies on the game.
We hope everyone can have a nice time in our community, inside and outside matches. As such, we absolutely disapprove toxicity, trolling, and other bad behaviours.

Below you can read about our Looking For Group systems, which makes easy to find teammates!

Looking For Group

In our discord server, we have LFG roles, which allows you to mention a player of a specific tier, or tier and role. By example, you can specifically mention T7, T10, T10 Mid Laners, T6 junglers, unranked and so on. Both for 5V5 and 3V3.

Through the members spreadsheets, you can check each member’s peak rank, main roles, hero pool, and the times he is usually active. You can quickly find teammates that best suit you: players with different roles and hero pool from yours, and that play around your same days and hours.
Here is a screenshot of the spreadsheet:

By clicking on most members of our server, you can quickly check tier, main account username, main region, regions in which they have a smurf and other info.

These tools make very easy to find teammates!
We also have a daily activity schedule which ensures that at a certain time you’ll always find many members up at once depending by the day!

See you soon!