Vainglory’s Gameplays List

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Last update: 12/09/2020


English Channels

YourDoomsday0 youtube
YourDoomsday0 provides great commentary on all of his gameplay. Definitely the best resource of the list. He plays in all roles.

DNZio youtube
Vainglory’s ex World Champion and T10 Gold player. His gameplays are primarily mid lane and bot lane.

HellsDevil youtube
HellsDevil Twitch

AceTheChase youtube

grizzz_vg Twitch

culllpeo Twitch

Azure Twitch

quelindaa702 Twitch

Everlasting Night youtube

Non-English Channels


ユーキ Games Youtube
AphroditeXD Youtube


Captain Wasabi Youtube

Old English channels

This is a list of inactive channels. Their Vainglory gameplays are still there though.

L3oN Twitch
L3oN Youtube
L3oN was a Tier 10 Gold Player, and widely considered as one of the absolute best Vainglory players.

RickLess youtube
RomeoBuon – this channel mostly contains short videos of famous players’s best moves or full gameplays of tournaments.


Without a party feature, do not expect a new tournament until Vainglory Community Edition 1C phase.


List of announced tournaments.


List of on-going tournaments

Past Tournaments

FifthAve Tournament (2020-01-11 to 2020-01-12)
MPL 2 (2019/11/30 to 2019/12/22)
The Elite Order (2019/11/30 to 2019/12/15)
OP 5V5 Tournament (2019/12/14 to 2019/12/15)
vgdraftseries (Patch 4.8 2019/11/02 to 2019/11/10)
Overpowered Tournament ()
All Vainglory esport tournaments (2016/03 to 2018/12)