Vainglory Community Edition Frequently Asked Questions, All Platforms Download Links, Technical Help

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The new version of Vainglory (the one you can find on the playstore or appstore) is called “Community Edition”. There are no friends, party, chats, elo, punishment system. All heroes, skins and talents are available for free. Queue for a game mode and play the match, that is all you can do.
More information about what Vainglory Community Edition is, why Vainglory became this way, the current meta, how to change region/server, and solutions to some problems you may encounter are in the FAQ below.
Remember to try the solutions in the FAQ before asking for help if the game does not work.

If you need, here is our discord:
For technical help, use #technical channel.

Download Links

Check the FAQ if you have problems (the game crashes at download assets/is stuck at LOADING…/freezes in the menu/you are stuck in match loading for minutes while everyone else is playing etc.)

Android version

There are 2 clients, 1A and 1B.

1A allows you to use skins and talents, 1B to change your username, but, due to a bug, you can not use skins and talents.
Download the one you prefer.

Client 1A

Download from apkpure (v4.13.1 (102880)
I searched quite a bit through the internet and apkpure has a reputation for being safe, which is why I’m suggesting this solution.
But don’t trust me on it, do your research and decide by yourself whether to install or not.

This client allows you to use skins and talents. You can not change your username. Your username will be “temporary something“.

Client 1B

You can also download this client from the playstore.
This client allows you to change your username. You can not use skins or talents.
Your username is stored locally, so potentially everyone can have the same username. The Region selector thing does NOT work. If you want to change region, read the FAQ below.

How to use talents in 1B

There is a way to use talents in this client.
Once the match starts, close the application. Do not leave Select a Talent screen. After a minute or so, a bot will replace you and select a talent randomly (the player can not select talents due to a bug in this version), then you just need to open the app and play with that randomly selected talent.

Windows Version

Client 4.13:
.7z, 1.6 GB download:
password for the .7z file:
If you have downloaded Vainglory from steam before it was removed, check your steam’s library, it should still be there. You can install it directly from steam in this case.
Otherwise, use the link above. There is an intruction.txt file in case you have problems, AND the FAQ below. If you still have problems, join our discord server and ask for help in the #technical channel.
There is no community edition client for PC, you can only use the old 4.13 client. You will see party, marketing and other stuff, which of course will NOT work.

Mac OS Version

MAC Version: the MAC version does not seem to work anymore, sadly. It seems since patch 4.13 the game stopped working on macOS.
If you have downloaded Vainglory from steam before it was removed, check your steam’s library. It should still be there. If you want to try, install and good luck, hope it will work.

iOS Version

iOS Version:
Download community edition from the appstore. You will get the 1B client.
If you installed client 1A or 4.13 you can still play with skins. But if you updated to 1B or did not install 4.13/1A you can not go back to/install the previous clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The game crashes at download assets (android only)

If when you open the game it crashes at “download assets” follow this procedure
Step 1
Download this file (the assets file the game is failing to download)::

Now, a simple thing, you need rename the file, and the name depends by what version of Vainglory you installed.
If you are using client 1B post icon update (version 4.13.4) rename the file

If you downloaded a previous version of Vainglory from apkpure or other websites:

If you are using client 1B BEFORE the icon update (4.13.2) rename the file

If you are using client 1A (4.13.1), rename the file

If you are using client 4.13 (4.13.0), rename the file

Step 2
Create a folder named and put the file you just downloaded inside it.
Place the folder in your phone to: android/obb/

If you did everything right, you will have the file (or for 1A client) in the folder android/obb/
You should now be able to complete the “download assets”. Open your app and try.

The game crashes at “installing data” (android only)

You can try to install xapk from apkpure:
You can read here how to install xapk files:
I searched quite a bit through the internet and apkpure has a reputation for being safe, which is why I’m suggesting this solution.
But don’t trust me on it, do your research and decide by yourself whether to install or not.

The game is stuck in “LOADING…”, unable to connect or the game freezes every few seconds

Try to
Reinstall Vainglory

Restart your device

Change your DNS (You can use:,,,, or

Note for windows: change DNS in the CONTROL PANEL, not through Windows settings or else it may not work.

For Windows only
Edit Player.2.dat file
A thank you to Mafioso’s Pride for this!

Download this file:
It’s a .7z archive. The password for the archive is
It contains the “SEMC” folder.

Go to the following folder on your pc: Local Disk\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming

Copy paste the folder you downloaded here, then try to open Vainglory (do not forget to change DNS as explained above if your game is stuck at Loading…)

If you want to, instead of copy paste the SEMC folder, you can also directly edit the file Player.2.dat:

Go to Local Disk\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\SEMC\Vainglory
Open the file Player.2.dat with notepad (or whatever you prefer).
Now, edit the file:
Remove everything after


until the next line where “initialAccount=” is.
Try to open Vainglory.
If it does not work, reopen that file, you need to edit more stuff.
Scroll down to the end. Search for “FirstGameKeyHole”. Above that you may see a string with “username=”
Delete that username if present (the portion after username=)
Finally you could see hasInitiatedLogin=1 near “username=”. Change the 1 to a 0.
Save the file.

I am stuck in match loading for minutes, while everyone else is already playing (PC/MAC version)

The pc version may take a long time to load the maps if the game is not installed on a SSD. You may enter the match a few minutes after it started, making your team play 4 v 5 for the first 2-3 minutes.
If you must install the game on an HDD, every time you open the game you should start a practice match, so that the game con load the map. This way you will be able to play any PvP match without being locked into loading screen for minutes.

Vainglory crashed, Error code c0000005, or black screen (Windows)

You can try a few things, but there is no specific solution, even if you try everything you may not fix this.

About the black screen bug, there are two versions. In one case the game shows a black screen and you can hear sounds. If that’s the case, try Shift+Enter right when you open the game (you need to be fast), the game will switch to Window mode. Usually this solve the problem.
You can also try to run the game on Windows 7 Professional (home and premium will not work).

In the other version, the game shows a black screen then crashes instantly. For this and the error code c0000005 try this:

Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 x64 AND x86 (both)
If it doesn’t work, download all versions of Microsoft Visual C++
You can download Microsoft Visual C++ here:

Go to C:\Windows\System32 in your computer, find the file opengl32.dll and copy paste (do not cut) it in the Vainglory folder (where Vainglory.exe is). You should have the file in your pc after installing Microsoft Visual C++. If you do not, reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ and restart your pc.

Other bugs

A list of workarounds from a SEMC developer:
Check our bugs page for more bugs or (for hero-specific bugs) hidden stats page ( ).
Ask in our discord if you still need help

What is the current meta?

Meta Overview and Tier List:
Hero Builds:
For more guides:

Without elo (the game basically puts you in match with whoever is in queue at the same time) you will not be able to apply much of the things written there though. You will often play with new/low tier players or more rarely against veterans/T10 players, making games very unbalanced.

How do I change region?

Step 1
Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app to connect to a server in the region you want to play.
Example: if you want to play in if you want to play in Europe connect to a server in France or Germany, for North America connect to a server in United States or Canada, and so on.

Search in the store for “vpn” and you will find many apps.

Step 2
Open Vainglory for the first time. The app checks your region the 1st time you open it.
If you have already opened Vainglory previously, reinstall the game. Turn the vpn on. Open Vainglory for the first time.

Note: on Android, you can also use the “clear data” feature instead of uninstalling, then turn on the VPN, finally, open the game. This way you will not have to reinstall Vainglory every time you want to change region, it is much faster!

If you did everything right, click on your username, it will open your profile. Above the region selector you will see the region you wanted to be in.
In this screenshot, you can see I am in Europe, though the menu says NA:
Reminder: the region selector does NOT work, that is why you need to it this way.
Now you can turn off the VPN. You need the VPN only the first time you open Vainglory.

For some reason it seems certain VPN apps do not work for everyone. I personally used tunnelbear for years and never had any problems, but the same app did not work for some of my friends, which had to use a different app called Super Unlimited Proxy. Others, ProtonVPN
The point is, if you are sure you did everything right and it did not work, just change VPN app (do not forget to reinstall Vainglory).

For 4.13 or 1A clients

If you are on client 4.13 (PC uses 4.13 if you wonder), or 1A, you can just login to an account in any region to switch your client’s region.
Let’s say you used to have an account in North America, and your game is currently set to Europe. Click login, type the credentials and login. Though you will see nothing your account used to have (trophy, tier etc.), your region will change to North America! This is faster than changing regions by reinstalling and turning on a VPN.

How do I play with my friends?

There are no friends or party features now. The only way to play with your friends is to go in queue at the same time and… just hope you guys get in the same match.
Please do not dodge in hero selection just because you and your friend are not in the same match. Since many people are doing that it takes a long time to play a match. Sometimes you need to go over 10 drafts before you finally play the game!
Keep doing that and the few people left playing Vainglory will quit too.

What happened in the last months/years to this game?

In short, the game was not profitable. Instead of closing the servers, SEMC decided to remove most features (chats, friends, party, matchmaker, ranks, accounts etc.) to reduce the costs.
All heroes and skins are available. You open the app, queue for a match, and play the game with any hero you want.
There is a lot more to this though. SEMC wanted to let the community run their own private servers, and provide (even if in a different form) some of the removed features, like party.
If you are interested in the details, you can read about it here:
Sadly, the development of community edition is in pause as SEMC is working on their new game, Catalyst Black. Currently, we are at the 1B stage. We do not know when the development of community edition will progress.

Excoundrel made a very good video to explain the story of Vainglory, and how the game got to this point.
Here is a link to his video:

Why I can not find Windows/MAC version on steam?

SEMC removed the game from steam. If you downloaded it previously, you will still find the game in your library, and you will be able to download it from there, otherwise, download it from the links above.
There was a download link on website, but it was a very old client (like 4.10) that did not work. This was recently removed too.

Who is “Rogue”?

Before Community Edition, SEMC tried a partnership with this company. Rogue failed in making profits out of Vainglory, so with just a 3 days notice, they told SEMC they were going to shutdown the servers. SEMC got back control of the game and prevented the shutdown. Soon after that, they announced Vainglory Community Edition.
Rogue released 3 heroes, Karas, Shin and Amael, but due to plagiarism (in the case of Karas) and various bugs and they were not welcomed by the community.
Wthout Rogue’s partnership Vainglory would have been converted into community edition months earlier. Rogue may not have been that good of a publisher, but it was good to have party, matchmaker, friends etc. for a few more months.

If you have more questions, ask in our discord server