Vainglory Bugs

This is a list of known bugs. Beware as these may cost you matches.
There are also some clarifications, as we expect people to look into this page when they meet certain problems.
Last update: Vainglory 4.13, 2020-05-05

Vainglory Community Edition Info and Bugs

First, be sure to read SEMC’s blog post, as it will clarify the situation on most “bugs” (random usernames, no friend list, no chat, no party, no market, all heroes and skins available).

Currently, it seems there is no matchmaker and your rank does not change after winning/losing. The only difference between ranked and casual is that ranked has draft.

All talents have been set to level 1, but it’s still being debated whether talents should be left at max level, level 10, 5 or whatever.

All skins beside Limited Edition (LE) skins were supposed to be free, however, as of now Masquerade Magnus is not available.

SEMC has your account, and it will be restored later on (read the blog post). Once this happens, be sure to not uninstall the game, because your account will be saved in your device, and not on anyone’s servers. This mean that by uninstalling, you will lose all your progresses (skill tier etc.).
You can save your account by simply making a back-up, similarly to how you would do a phone back-up.

Game frozen on loading screen
Change your wi-fi DNS. You can try google DNS,

If you want to run a server, send an email to communicating them your interest, they’ll let you know the next steps.
Currently this is the only info on the costs we have (these answers come from devs):
“We do not control this pricing as we intend to use a managed service provider. However, we expect the costs to be in the form of a monthly subscription, probably in the range of a few dollars per maximum simultaneous match per month.”
About the technical difficulties:
“Because of the complexity in setting up and running and securing the software, we will be working with at least one managed service provider to run servers for the time being. In practice this means that you go to a site, select “create vainglory server” and likely pay a monthly fee, probably in the range of a few dollars per max simultaneous match per month.”


While in reboot, Alpha will have a mark indicating Caine’s C can execute her. If you use the skill on her you will even get the “executed” messages, but instead of killing Alpha, you will just reduce her barrier reboot by whatever your damage on C is.

Team name and members might not show up in EU after 20/03/2020 maintenance:

Friend requests might not be sent. The game will say “can’t find player in this region”, even though the username is correct.
In this screenshot, I sent a friend request to a guild member through the friend request button, so there is no way the username is wrong:

In some circumstances, Ringo’s C with the skin “Corsair” will be invisible.
More details here:

If you active your C, then as Ozo is travelling toward his target (not right during the skill activation, wait for Ozo to be travelling it won’t work) click on a new target as if you were to basic attack it, be it a new hero, or even a minion or jungle creatures (Ozo’s C can’t target minions or jungle creatures by default, it can only do so through this bug), Ozo will switch to that target.
More details here:

App Bugs

Huawei phones won’t be able to open the app due to a compatibility bug with the emui 9 OS. The devs declared to be unable to fix it at the moemnt, and the bug is present since Vainglory 4.6.
In some cases Vainglory will work on huawei phones as long as it’s NOT installed from the google play store. By example, you can download it from apk websites such as apkpure:
Or other app stores, such as the Chinese Taptap
Another solution is to downgrade to emui 8 OS.

PC takes long to load a match if the game is not installed on an SSD. This might cause you start the match 1 after 1 minure or more compared to the others, causing an enormous disadvantage.
In this case, every time you open the game, you’ll need to start a practice match, so that the game con load the map, then you can play pvp matches without being locked into loading screen for minutes.

The pc version of the game on the vainglory website is NOT up-to-date. Download the game from steam.

The game might stop while downloading assets, making installation impossible:

Out of the game

Screen spill (iPad Air), this happens when you view the blueprint on a skin’s crafting screen

The leaderboard might be removed at the start of a new season. This is not a bug but intentional. It’s temporarily disabled while the new season info populates
From a SEMC developer:

Friend requests reappear every time you restart the app, even if you declined them. These may also be from random people who have never sent you a friend request.

In some circumstances, your hero may move through the map without using his “walk animation”. You can’t use abilities during this time, and you need to click the recall button or restart your app to fix this

Messages sent to friends might be repeated multiple times

Some people’s friend list will result full even though it isn’t.

The game might automatically scroll down in the guild members list until there is nothing to see. Other times, you might be unable to scroll back up, as it freezes for an instant and then places you back down.

Account level might be reset to a lower level (example, you’re level 24 but reset to 12)

Opening chests will freeze the game very often. Seems to happen very rarely on the pc version of the game. In particular, on mobile devices it’s guaranteed to happen if you open a chest before spoils of war

The screen rewards post match might not show up sometimes. You still get the rewards though (glory etc.)

Sometime you might open a chest and not see the animations that shows the items you obtained. When this happen, you still get the items.

Sometime you might see duplicate blue prints. That’s just a glitch as obtain duplicates is impossible (they would be converted to essences). When you see a duplicate restart the app. DO NOT CRAFT your blueprint thinking to have multiple ones, or you’ll end up without any blueprint at all.

The academy videos won’t stop buffering on the android version, making them impossible to watch.

Long nicknames can make the UI awkward in the leaderboard

After a match, “my guild” in leaderboard does not show anyone and you need to restart the app.

Party chat often does not work. If you click RETRY it will NOT work, while often, if you wait without clicking RETRY the chat might start working after a few seconds

The game might crash on certain devices while trying to download all the assets. To solve the problem, you must copy the obb file from another installation and paste it into your phone at Internal Storage > Android > obb >
When you start the app again, it’ll complete the installation.
If you’re on a samsung phone and have the app “Secure Folder” you can try to install the game inside it, and then copy paste the files to your main installation. This way, you won’t need another phone.

Old Battle Pass offer may still appear in the market behind the other offers. By clicking on it you’ll lose the ICE and receive enough back

Some older devices might have problems using the chats. The only one that will work is the one in a match, unless they lower the quality settings. This happened with phone model Z557BL

Black screen in the market section

In-game bugs

Once an item enlarges, it won’t be possible to drag not sell it.

Petal munions stay still in a brush instead of attack, unknown what cause this bug

Miho might be impossible to select, and if a teammate trades her to you, the game will crash
Video 2:

Heroes images do not appear in draft and you can not lock into an hero

Loading screen doesn’t go away, and it’s possible behind it to see the map

If Tony’s C knock back the enemies into Ardan’s C they might not get stunned, or they might be stuck mid-air (in this case, they might even become “transparent” after returning on the map with a dash ability).
More details here:

Adagio’s A won’t apply Mortal Wound through spellfire if the target is too distant. Even though he still gets the burned by Arcane Fire, you won’t apply mortal wound. Instead, if the target is closer, you’ll burn AND apply mortal wound.

If someone dies from Ringo C, the kill will not be given to Ringo but to the hero that died

Churnwallker chain might stay on the map until the end of the match, making always possible know Churnwalker’s position.
Same for Yates A

If you restart the game in select hero menu (casual or ranked draft), instead of the skin selection menu you’ll see a black line. You’ll automatically get the default skin.

When you click on Viola A button to open the ability description in-game, it won’t show the bonus HP.
Example: “225(+0 Bonus HP)”
You are still getting the increase from bonus HP and that’s just a visual bug.

Caine’s C will register the kill as of someone else, if a different hero from Caine hit the target before he was killed from the execution

In some circumstances, you might be unable to auto attack until you move your hero, even though you are in range for your basic attacks

Petal C healing does not get increased by capacitor plate, and it doesn’t give the speed boost either.

Silvernail C into wires might not stun the enemy, but making it fly over the wires

Ozo C switches target after activation

Some sounds of skills and basic attacks may turn off randomly during a match, or become extremely loud

Players queue for a game mode and end up in a different one (queue for ARAL ends up being ranked 5V5, 3v3 ranked becomes casual 5v5 etc.)

Unable to scroll properly in draft

The turrets may ignore targets in range. Not clear what triggers this. This happens in both 5v5 and 3v3 modes.

The character will often seems to be in a different place from where he truly is. This causes serious problems as you might miss skillshot or miss position

PC version may need a few minutes to load the match if the game is installed on HDD instead of SSD. This will happen every time you open the app.

In a private match, the game may be searching for a match, instead of start it. When this happen you need to remake the party. Wait for 30 seconds or so might also work.

On Iphone 8 plus the game might crash when using Ardan’s A on an ally

When using B and recall on Celeste, she might glitch

The hitbox of turrets, armories and vain crystal is a bit awkward and does not match the figure shown in-game. Due to this, some skills, such has Skaarf ‘s B might miss even though to the player it appears has if he hit the target correctly

Varya might not be able to dash with her B, or her A activation might be delayed

Many heroes in-game stats are wrong. By example Alpha’s A in-game shows a range of 10.0 at all levels. However, outside of the game, in the hero page, on overdrive the range increase to 12.0
This is just a text error, the hero in-game will have a range of 10 pre overdrive, and 12 on overdrive.
Caine is missing skill type on all skills, and the range is wrong for B and C

The range of Koshka’s B activation is not listed anywhere

Talents Bugs

Catherine Legendary Talent: in ARAL, Catherine can use her C to put the enemies back in the base, the enemies won’t be able to move:
SAW Rare Talent: SAW can’t destroys cams when in use. His basics will not hit any cam through its path, SAW also can not target cams (click on them)

Bugs that might have been fixed (no direct confirmation from devs, but after a certain update players reported to not have this problem anymore)

Vainglory 4.11.1
The game might randomly freeze in-game. This might be solved through a VPN